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Salome was a young girl living in San Diego and the sweetheart of Elias. With her family hailing from Mindoro, Salome made plans to return there after paying off the debts she inherited from her deceased mother.


Growing up in San Diego, Salome's mother later died, leaving behind debts. At some point, she met Elias and became close with him, waiting for him to come by her house by the lake every afternoon. On one such afternoon, she asked Elias about his day and the two fell to talking about what had transpired during Ibarra's picnic; Salome then announced that she would be leaving San Diego to live with relatives in Mindoro, asking him to come with her. As Elias refused, she made a final request, that he live in her house. Elias then left soon after.[1]

Personality and Traits[]


  • The sole chapter Salome appears in was originally omitted by Rizal due to budget issues.


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