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"Sir, I am the bearer of the wishes of many unfortunates."

Elias was a fugitive living in San Diego. Enduring one tragedy after another, he began working to improve society. After his life was saved by Crisostomo Ibarra, he began aiding the young man, saving him on numerous occasions.


Early History

Elias was born to a rich family in Manila alongside his twin sister, with his father being the son of a prostitute and his mother being the daughter of a rich man. Told that their father was dead, the twins also witnessed their mother die in their youth. Raised by their maternal grandfather, the two lived happy lives.

One day, Elias antagonized a distant relative and they taunted him with his supposed illegitimacy. As Elias was insulted, the relative later made Elias' heritage known to the public using Elias' family servant, which was actually his father in disguise.

Renouncing his wealth, Elias ran away with his father and sister. After his father died, his sister went missing; half a year later, Elias learned of a girl matching his sister's description having been discovered drowned in Calamba, Laguna. Since then, Elias became a fugitive, wandering around the country.[1] At some point, he came into contact with the group of bandits led by Capitan Pablo in Tanauan, Batangas.[2] He also at one point discovered that the root of his family's misfortune was the rich man his grandfather worked for, Don Pedro Eibarramendia.[1]

Spokesman of the Oppressed

Elias eventually came to San Diego, although becoming a fugitive after attacking both Padre Damaso and the alferez.[3] He also, at some point, met the young girl Salome and the two became sweethearts.[4]

Later on, Elias worked as a boat pilot during Ibarra's fishing trip. Seeing a crocodile entangled in the nets, Elias jumped in to kill it, although struggling. With his life soon after saved by Ibarra,[5] Elias fled the picnic, knowing he was being pursued by the Guardia Civil.[3]

He then visited Salome at her house by the lake as usual, and the two fell to talking about Elias' day. When Salome announced that she was moving to Mindoro to live with her relatives, Elias refused her offer to come with her, telling her to find a more honorable man. As Salome made a last request for Elias to live in her house after she left, Elias was overcome with emotion and fled.[4]

A Debt to Repay

At some point, Elias learned that Ibarra's life was being targeted. Feeling indebted to the man, he warned him during Padre Damaso's sermon during the town fiesta that his life was in danger.[6] Later on during the cornerstone-laying ceremony for Ibarra's school, Elias saved Ibarra from being killed by the derrick operator, killing the derrick operator instead.[7]

Weeks later, Elias visited Capitan Pablo and asked him and his forces to stop their violence. He then informed them that they could enlist Ibarra's help in asking for reforms.[2] Later on, Elias invited Ibarra to a boat ride on the lake, asking him in private to help him with his cause. As Ibarra argued that some oppressive institutions were necessary,[8] Elias told him the story of his family's misfortune.[1]

Later on, Elias learned of the impending attack on the Guardia Civil barracks, and that Ibarra would be implicated in the attack. He then warned him so, helping him dispose of letters that could be used against him. In doing so, Elias discovered that Ibarra was descended from Don Pedro, the cause of his family's misfortunes, and almost killed him before leaving soon after.[9]

When the attack pushed through and Ibarra was arrested, Elias set fire to his house to destroy any possible evidence that could implicate him.[10] Later on, Elias freed Ibarra from prison and brought him to Maria Clara, watching the two exchange their goodbyes.[11] While on the river, the two were pursued by the Guardia Civil; agreeing with Ibarra to meet at his grandfather's tomb in two days' time, Elias jumped into the water as a diversion, saving Ibarra.[12]

Not sleeping or eating, Elias made his way to Ibarra's grandfather's tomb in the woods, coming upon a young boy, Basilio, and his dead mother. He instructs the boy to build a pyre and cremate his body, as well as dig the nearby mausoleum for treasures which can be used to fund his education; the young boy agreed, going off into the woods to gather firewood. Before the boy could return, Elias died.[13] His final words to Basilio were re-echoed by Ibarra, who gives Basilio a share of his treasures.

Personality and Traits

Elias was a selfless man bound by a code of honor. Growing up wealthy, he was initially an arrogant individual; his quarreling with a relative and beating up his disguised father was emblematic of this. After losing everything and learning the true history of his family, Elias dedicated himself to helping those also oppressed by society. To this end, he worked with Capitan Pablo’s bandits and lived the life of a fugitive.

Because of his experiences, Elias was disillusioned with the status quo and believed that only a violent revolution could bring about the change he desired for both himself and others. This belief was challenged by Ibarra, and the two sought to reconcile their differences in viewpoint.

Elias’ capability for violence was tempered by a strong set of morals. This manifested in his refusing to kill Ibarra as a descendant of the cause of his family’s misfortune, instead redeeming himself and his family by dying for the young man. Elias also believed that his family, including himself, was cursed, and purposefully detached himself from people, even those he had intimate relationships with such as Salome.

Character Connections

Crisostomo Ibarra: A man whom Elias helped on multiple occasions. Following his rescue of Elias from a crocodile, Elias felt indebted to Ibarra, saving his life on numerous occasions as a way of repaying said debt. He also saw some use for Ibarra as a man of great wealth and influence, recommending to Capitan Pablo that the bandits make use of Ibarra's resources. Elias thus sought to convince Ibarra of his ideals, the two clashing with their perspectives. After learning of Ibarra being descended from the man that kickstarted the misfortune plaguing Elias' family, Elias was initially overcome with murderous rage, before eventually coming to. Such was Elias' belief in Ibarra that he eventually laid down his life for him.



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